Quantitative Execution Trader/Analyst Internship at TradersAI


Quantitative Execution Trader/Analyst - Summer 2024 Internship


At tradersai.com we work on Research and Development of Quantitative Trading Strategies in Financial Markets, currently focused on broad-based U.S. Indexes. Please see below to get a sense of what we do:



We are embarking on an exciting phase of releasing our first product into the markets - to be launched in the next quarter or two - and are looking to hire a few interns for the summer and beyond to help us on our growth path.

Position Type

  • Internship - unpaid
  • As a start up in the seed stage, these are initially going to be unpaid positions.
  • These positions come with the prospects of turning into paid internships and/or full-time positions down the road.


  • Initially, Remote
  • Ability to make it to occasional in-person meetings/training at our office in Fairfax, VA – if and when announced – would be desirable but not mandatory for the right candidate.

Start Date

  • First week of June, 2024

Position Description

We are looking for interns to work on a variety of quant trading projects such as: building analytics on trade data, market data, and macro-economic data; analyzing historical market data to assist in the development of trading strategies; designing and testing quantitative models for new strategy development; assist in projects/tasks spanning trading, quantitative research, and technology.

Through your research tasks, you will work on discovering new patterns that potentially can transform into trading signals, back test your results, and carefully analyze its performance.

Interns will be working directly with the founders of the firm throughout the program and have an opportunity to become part of the firm’s team on its growth path.

Who Are We Looking For? 

This opportunity is the perfect preparation for those who are looking to pursue a career in quant trading. The ideal candidate will be a high achiever with a strong quantitative background. They will have a lot of initiative, exceptional problem-solving abilities, and thrive in a competitive environment.

They should have an interest in building upon their understanding of trading, but a background in finance is not strictly necessary. If you have the quantitative skills and/or the right aptitude and the right attitude, we can teach you the rest.

We are looking for candidates with intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning and self improvement. Ideal candidates will meet/possess most of the following criteria/qualities:

  • An undergrad or grad degree - either completed or in progress - is required
  • Superior academic performance is expected, but may become secondary if you can show other achievements in any field of your interest
  • Demonstrable keen interest in and passion for financial markets and/or quantitative analysis would be a plus
  • Formal education in Finance or any quantitatively rigorous subject (Computer Science, Math, Physics, any Engineering etc.) would be a plus
  • Any programming experience, especially in Python or C++, would be a plus
  • Demonstrated interest and/or progress in obtaining a CFA charter or other financial industry licenses or certifications would be a plus
  • Strong work ethic, an innate drive to pursue excellence in whatever you do are two of the most basic requirements
  • Hard work, attention to detail, and ability to follow instructions are three of the absolute MUST-have traits we look for in every team member

Fit the Bill, Excited, and Ready to Apply? 

  • Please email your Resume to opportunities@tradersai.com with “Summer 2024 Internship” as the Subject Line
  • Please include, on a separate page in your resume, a section titled “Why I am A Good Fit For Your Position:” and briefly address EACH of the above EIGHT bullet points listed under “Who Are We Looking For?” section. If you have nothing to add towards a bullet point requirement, please write “N/A”.  
  • After addressing the eight bullet point requirements above, feel free to write anything you want to tell us about yourself and why you would make a good addition to our team immediately and in the long term.
  • Wish you the very best in all your pursuits!