Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Advancing Real Estate Education with a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Bridging the gap between academia and practice, the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship addresses the issues affecting the real estate industry and the future of the built environment.

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Our Work

Working in partnership with leading real estate developers, professionals, academics, and organizations in the Washington, D.C., area, the Center develops relevant content for the business and education communities. Initiatives supported include:

Master's in Real Estate Development

The Center supports graduate education through the School of Business' Master's in Real Estate Development (MRED) program. The Center provides scholarships for students, industry association memberships, networking opportunities, career advising, and numerous extra-curricular educational programs such as lectures from industry leaders, a unique student investment fund class, case study tours, webinars, and conferences. 

Undergraduate Minor in Real Estate

The Center supports undergraduate education through a Minor in Real Estate Development program. The Center provides career advising, mentorship, and internship opportunities to undergraduates interested in a career in the real estate industry. 

Non-Degree Academic Programs

The Center offers non-degree programs teaching essential skills and knowledge relevant to different real estate disciplines. Recent programs include classes on real estate investments, development, construction, finance, and fundamentals of commercial real estate markets. 

Educational Events

The Center produces and hosts a year-round calendar of discussion panels, webinars, case study tours, and conferences to educate students, the university community, real estate professionals, and community members on relevant real estate topics. Recent topics include affordable housing policy, accessory dwelling units, data center development trends, disruption in retail spaces, mass timber construction, and the impact on real estate of blockchain and 5G wireless technology. 


Research, Outreach, and News