Undergraduate Orientation

Welcome to George Mason University’s Costello College of Business! 

New Student Orientation is the first step for all incoming undergraduate students. 

Mason’s campus-wide orientation will connect you to your George Mason University family and provide you with important information about all the exciting opportunities available within your new community. All students new to Mason—whether freshman, international, or transfer—are required to attend orientation. After you’re accepted, make sure to register for orientation hereIf you have any questions about the Costello College of Business orientation requirements please email sborient@gmu.edu  

Learn more about orientation requirements: 


Freshmen students enrolling for the Fall 2024 semester will meet with a Costello College of Business academic advisor and be able to register for classes during their orientation. Register for Mason Orientation here

Start preparing for your transition to college now by reviewing the following resources:   

  • Find out if your AP or IB high school classes will fulfill any of your degree requirements.   
  • Learn more about University 100, a 1-credit transition course designed specifically for first-year students.  
  • Learn more about Global Gateway, a global experience specifically designed for first-year students. 
  • The Impact Fellows Program delivers an innovative social impact curriculum tailored to students through a wrap-around two-year cohort-based experience that builds leadership and change making skills and fosters personal value evaluation and development. Apply today! 
  • See how Mason’s Learning Communities can enhance your college experience.


Mason’s International Student Orientation is designed to help transition new international students to Mason and expose you to Mason’s broad educational opportunities. Transfer international students are able to attend a pre-orientation advising workshop to meet with a Costello College of Business academic advisor and freshman international students are able to schedule a pre-orientation advising appointment with a Costello College of Business academic advisor. 

  • It is essential that you bring copies of your transcript - both what you submitted to George Mason University and the organization that evaluated your international transcript.  
  • Upon arrival, check in immediately with the Office of International Programs and Services. The office can help you understand immigration and other requirements for international students.   
  • If you believe one or more of your courses did not transfer correctly, you may submit one copy of your international evaluation with your reevaluation request as well as an official course description for each course. If possible, try to get these descriptions before you leave your country and keep copies for future use. Mason will need these descriptions to determine the level and credits for the course. Official course descriptions must be in English or processed through an official translator. Get help translating documents into English


Transfer students are eligible to register for classes on May 1st for the Fall 2024 semester. If you have not already, please view the “Transfer Pre-Orientation Advising Workshop” drop-down for information about the optional pre-orientation workshops to meet with an academic advisor before your Mason orientation. 

The following checklist outlines the information you need to know now and in the future:  

  • Submit final transcripts from all of your previous institutions. This includes submitting a transcript after completing any courses you are currently taking and after any degrees are posted on your transcript.  
  • To understand how courses transfer over to Mason, the Office of Admissions has provided course equivalency information in the Transfer Credit Matrix. This is not a complete list for all schools.  
  • When you receive admission to George Mason University, you will receive a "Transfer Credit Evaluation" which lists the courses you took elsewhere and their respective course numbers at Mason. Using this worksheet and your Degree Works, you can determine how your courses transferred to Mason, the courses you have completed within your degree, and those you have yet to complete.   
  • If there are courses you have taken that do not appear on your transfer credit evaluation and you have already submitted your final transcripts, you need to complete the Transfer Credit Inquiry Form that can be obtained online or from Mason's Office of Admissions in Johnson Center, room 213.   
  • If you have courses transferring in as electives (e.g., ACCT---, ECON---), but you think they are equivalent to Mason courses, you should review the Transfer Credits section of our Policies and Procedures page.  You will use the transfer credit re-evaluation form if you feel that your course needs to be re-evaluated to count for another course. 
  • If you are transferring from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), finish your AA or AS at the community college before transferring to Mason.   
    • With your degree completed, you may be eligible for Mason's Guaranteed Admission Agreement.   
    • If you transfer before completing your degree, you may have to take additional courses to fulfill requirements.   
    • Make certain that the Mason Admissions Office has a copy of your final transcript stating that you have earned your AA or AS degree. Without a final transcript, Mason's Office of Admissions cannot process your Guaranteed Admissions Agreement general education waiver.   
    • Review Common Virginia Community College Transfer Courses that apply to Business courses 

Transfer Pre-Orientation Advising

The Costello College of Business offers virtual Pre-Orientation Advising exclusively for incoming College of Business transfer students. Once you submit your enrollment deposit, you'll receive an email with instructions on accessing pre-orientation advising modules. After completing these online modules, you can then register for an advising session.

While attending a pre-orientation advising workshop is not mandatory, it provides an opportunity to connect with an academic advisor before the orientation. This allows you to get a head start on understanding how your classes transfer to Mason and receive assistance in selecting courses for your first semester.

Benefits of attending a pre-orientation advising workshop include receiving academic advising before orientation, meeting with an advisor to address your questions, and gaining valuable information on viewing your transfer credit evaluation, understanding how your transfer credits apply to your College of Business degree, and guidance on registering for appropriate Mason courses.

Accounting Certificate Orientation

Accounting Certificate students do not need to attend the School of Business and Mason Orientation; however, you will need to review the Accounting Certificate Orientation presentation slides. They contain important information about the accounting certificate curriculum, policies and procedures.

You can make an appointment with an Academic Advisor if you have any questions or need assistance.

E-mail: masonbus@gmu.edu   Phone: 703-993-1880

After you review the presentation and registered for courses, contact New Student and Family Programs at 703-993-2475 to request an Orientation Waiver for being an Accounting Certificate student.

What to Expect at Orientation

At your Mason Orientation, you will be advised by academic advisors from the Costello College of Business. You will also be

introduced to information regarding the Mason Business Degree and important polices and procedures within the College of Business.

Before Orientation

During Your Advising Session

Your advisor will discuss the following resources:  

After Orientation

Save these resources for reference: