Do you criticize or celebrate your colleagues? It may depend on your social position

Online technology has made real-time performance feedback a workplace reality. But a pair of Mason professors have found out about a major bias in the system.

An age gap in the C-suite makes companies more innovative

A Mason professor finds yet another example of the value of diversity in senior management teams.

What’s worse than a ‘toxic’ workplace? One that gaslights employees

When it comes to relationships between co-workers, organizations’ stated priorities must match what’s happening under the hood.

Mason professor helps accounting research catch up with a fast-changing economy

The economic balance is shifting toward private equity. But accounting scholars are still working from an outdated playbook.

Avoiding the “nothingburger” effect in GovCon M&A

When government contractors merge, comparing their customers can predict a lot about how investors will respond to the deal.

Research Highlights

The Costello College of Business at George Mason University is an acknowledged center for global business research.

Faculty take a multidisciplinary approach, with the goal of ensuring that business can be a force for the greater good.

Faculty publish in leading business journals on wide-ranging global business issues, are cited by the press, and are actively engaged in making discoveries to address a wide set of societal and institutional challenges.


Impactful Scholarship

Three pillars define the real-world impact of Costello College of Business thought leadership:

Ensuring Global Futures

Safeguarding our planet and societies from the crises identified in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recent highlights include:

Digital Transformation of Work

Preparing global organizations and professionals for the massive technological changes that are reshaping business. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Fostering the creative problem-solving skills needed for success in an increasingly unpredictable world. 


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Together, the top ten most-cited Costello College of Business scholars have more than 55,000 research citations.
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The Costello College of Business' spot in the UT-Dallas North American Business School Research Rankings.
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17 Costello College of Business professors currently hold editorial positions at academic journals.
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In 2022-2023, Costello College of Business faculty published 20 papers in premier journals.

Costello College of Business Faculty Research

Faculty Teaching, Research, and Engagement Awards