On-Demand Video: From Breakthroughs to the Battlefield - How Prototypes Are Enabling Innovation for Future Battles

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The discussion touched on a number of important topics, from:

  • The advantages of prototyping

  • Not all prototypes are gadgets, they also include integration into systems

  • The important of funding

  • Where you might be able to find out about prototyping opportunities, and

  • The need for an innovative product, an innovative process, with innovative people

Bryan Clark shared his recent report on this topic, see full description below.

Against the backdrop of the increasing hostilities and competition globally, this panel discussed the importance of prototyping for the Department of Defense to quickly and effectively innovate and field emerging technologies. The discussion also included lessons learned from recent prototyping activities as well as best practices for meeting future requirements. 

The panelists also discussed how continued prototyping will be critical to replenishing depleted strategic stockpiles with more advanced technologies.

Background Reading

The Importance of Early Prototyping in Defense Research, Engineering, Acquisition, and Sustainment, Defense Systems Information Analysis Center, Journals, Spring 2020: Volume 7 Number 2

Campaigning to Dissuade: Applying Emerging Technologies to Engage and Succeed in the Information Age Security Competition, Bryan Clark and Dan Patt, Hudson Institute Report, July 13, 2023


Stephanie Halcrow
Senior Fellow & Moderator
Baroni Center for Government Contracting

Bryan Clark
Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Defense Concepts and Technology
Hudson Institute

Dr. Nirav Patel
Senior Scientist & Program Manager
Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

Charlie Zisette
Executive Director
National Armaments Consortium