Center for Retail Transformation White Paper Identifies Key Insights about Today’s Retail Consumer


The State of the Retail Consumer Report from George Mason University's Center for Retail Transformation builds a profile of the U.S. retail consumer; projecting spending behavior, and identifying the reasons consumers select in-store or online shopping experiences.

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"This study is helping retailers understand consumer pain points so they can invest in the high impact areas that will deliver the best experience for consumers, no matter where they shop," said Carlton Dossman, Vice President, U.S. Retail and Consumers Goods at Microsoft.

Given the current macro-environment, there is much discussion around the economic health of the U.S. consumer. This forward-looking study reveals the mindset of the retail consumer for early 2023 by tracking their purchase intent, why they shop in different channels, and what pain-points they experience across those channels.

"Not only does this study ask question relevant to the retail industry, but it exposes students to challenges and opportunities in retail while training them in market research," said Dr. Gautham Vadakkepatt, who oversaw the work of this study.

For more information, download the report.