Center for Retail Transformation hosts webinar on building your personal brand on social media


The Center for Retail Transformation at George Mason University School of Business recently hosted a webinar for students and community members titled How to build and grow your personal brand on social media, featuring social media expert and Forbes contributor Natalie Zfat.

Throughout their conversation, Zfat emphasized the importance of creating likeable content, focusing on your voice, and staying true to yourself.

Social Media Expert Natalie Zfat
Natalie Zfat. Image:

According to Zfat, your social media account is a lot like a conversation. Individuals should consider who their audience is. “Ask yourself, am I trying to attract employers? Investors? Do I have a retail product for men? Women? What is it?’ Shape your voice,” said Zfat. “Think that you are speaking to that person directly. What is the best voice I should use? This is the most important piece of any conversation.”

Zfat, along with a team of three women, shared how she started her own social media company 12 years ago under her own name, with the goal of helping companies. Zfat shared, you don’t have to have a huge budget or a lot of followers. “Don’t forget that on social media people want to get entertained and be inspired,” said Zfat. “You have to insert some personal details from your life to keep them coming back for more.”

Zfat shared that there are three categories on social media that have been found to guarantee success–including high levels of engagement and high return: funny, beautiful and valuable. “There’s not a formula,” said Zfat. “But try to keep it 80% professional and 20% personal.”

“Find your voice and tie it to these three categories,” added Gautham Vadakkepatt, director for the Center for Retail Transformation. “Be authentic.”

Zfat also shared that having an online presence is important when you are interviewing. Zfat said a lot of companies won’t even interview individuals without an online presence, and that more than 90% of recruiters look at social media. “LinkedIn is your resume in 2022,” she said.

“It is proven that a recruiter is more likely to hire someone they enjoyed talking to rather than someone who has checked off every box,” said Zfat. “Same goes for social media. Be warm. Be your true self.”

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