BUS 498 Capstone Case Competition

Spring 2024 Case Competition (Virtual)

April 19, 2024, from 4:00-5:30 pm

Assigned Case

Name of Case: On

Purpose of the case competition: To judge the ability among students to distill a case situation (including data) into actionable creative recommendations that are supported logically with the use of reasonable assumption (if the data are not complete) as well as appropriate application of strategic methods covered in BUS 498. The main focus will be on team’s ability to offer creative solutions based on the case scenario and to justify these solutions with rigorous analysis. The case that typically gets assigned has plenty of data and has open-ended possible solutions. A standard evaluation form, available at the Case Competition website, will be used to judge the in-class and the school-wide case-competition presentations.

Student team perspective: You are acting in the role as consultants or advisers to the company described in the case. Please select a name (maximum 30 characters with spaces) for your fictitious consulting company.

Presentation details: Imagine that you are presenting to the top management team of the company. You will have 12 minutes for your presentation with some flexibility to finish. Make sure anything that is salient is presented in these 12 minutes; flexibility is just to give you an opportunity to wrap up (instead of cutting you off on the dot at 12:00). It is strongly recommended that your presentation not exceed 12 minutes and 30 seconds. In short, think of 30 seconds as the flexibility available to you. Do not use a skit format (e.g., acting out a meeting-in-progress between the company’s top management team and the consulting team) during your presentation. All team members should take part in presenting, but teams can rely more on stronger speakers.

Winning Teams

Fall 2023

First: GLMR Consulting
Gabe Canizales, Leonardo Hinojosa, Ricky Lovelace, Matthew Shea, Robert Yates 

Second: Green Consulting
Rula Almalki, Rachel Halbedl, Elaheh Hossein Pour, Vinati Konda. Bellal Shahbaz 

Third: Team Dynamo
Sultan Abusaif, Josseline Cruz Santos, Karla Gracias, Jason Nguyen, Matt Stalzer

Spring 2023

First: DALM Consulting Group, Inc.
Mina Al Hashimi, Andrew Coons, Dilpreet Singh, Luke Spitzer

Second: Regeneration Consulting
Huijin Jo, Jonathan Falcone, Liam Arseneault, Dillan Hathaway

Third: Driven Success Consulting
Samuel Araujo, Katie Hettinger, Jack Hukill, Sameer Sawhney, Jonah Ward

Fall 2022

First: Fictitious Consulting Company 
Joel Bolduc, Niko Fogleman, Lexie Kindt, Mystic Worthington

Second: Savi Consulting
Casey Oiki, Tom Nguyen, Sara Sultan

Third: Supreme Consulting 
Reem Alhasasneh, Natalia Lee, Camelia Matar, Matthew Mutuc, Christopher Rose

Spring 2022

First: Better Future Consulting
Arzo Aryan , M’hammed Amine El Boury, Lisa Kim, Sana Mahmood, Julia Soczynski 

Second: Mason Consulting Solutions
Bharath Meka, Kayra Huang, Gonzalo Uriona, Marco Fragoso, William Morales 

Third: Patriot Consulting Group
Maya Bazar, Michelle Jones, Brandon Kim, Jawwad Majeed, Ryan Miles, Elizabeth Schmitz 

Fall 2021

First: KLAMP Consulting
Lena Baydina, Matthew Dempsey, Angela Elsamahy, Katie Robles, Philmon Woldeghiorghis

Second: Global Forward Solutions Inc.
Sophie Florence, Alexander Cicchetto, Diana Rodriguez Carlos, Andrew Soria-Quiroz

Third: DATTA Consulting
Baha Amour, Apinya Asawatungsathian, Ben Dezzutti, Thomas Rogers, Bethany Terrell

An advanced exploration of business models and industry dynamics.

The BUS 498 case competition is a major component of BUS 498 Capstone Course: Advanced Business Models.

The top team from each section of BUS 498 will have the opportunity to participate in the first round of the school-wide BUS 498 case competition, where teams analyze a pre-selected case and prepare a 12-minute oral presentation that identifies the key issues and provides recommendations for improving the company's competitive position.

Panels of community business professionals judge student presentations and responses to questions. The winners of the first round compete in the final round, where their presentations are evaluated by a new panel of judges. The winning team receives a cash prize of $1,500. Second place receives $500 and third $250.

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