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Fellow, Center for Government Contracting

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Dr. Dolores Kuchina-Musina is a Fellow in the School of Business at George Mason University. Her appointment is with the Center for Government Contracting.

Kuchina-Musina is the Chief Disruptor at REXOTA Solutions, LLC, a consulting company in the DC-Metro area focusing on strategy, planning, pursuit, capture, management, and administration of Federal Contract/Agreement Awards. She is also a Fellow at George Mason University’s Center for Government Contracts conducting research, thought leadership, and outreach to support the Center's effort with the Department of Defense, other U.S. government agencies, and companies across the government contracting community.

She has over 10 years’ experience in federal, state, and international public procurement, specifically directing and managing strategic pursuits in collaboration with business development, proposal development, change management initiatives for federal procurement acquisitions and served as a strategic partner in providing risk management support for Federal compliance contracts. Kuchina-Musinawas featured in The Business Magazine of Coastal Virginia in 2019 and named “Millennials on the Move” for her business community involvement and civic contributions. She was awarded the Jacques S. Gansler Fellowship - Professional Services Council Foundation in April 2020.

Kuchina-Musina holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy and a Master of Business Administration from Old Dominion University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Christopher Newport University. Additionally, she has a graduate certificate in Public Procurement and Contract Management (PPCM), is a Certified Federal Contract Manager (CFCM), and has held numerous leadership positions in her local non-profit organizations. Currently, her research interests include innovation policy, other transaction authorities, federal procurement reform, and decision-making models.