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Workplace Diversity: Practice and Research

Diversity Culture & Climate

The School of Business at George Mason University is pleased to invite diversity professionals (executives, managers, practitioners, professors, and researchers) to our annual diversity conference exploring the latest best practices and research in diversity management specific to workplace diversity culture and climate.

An organization's culture determines whether it is inclusive and welcoming of diversity and whether diversity has a positive or negative impact on performance. Thus, this year's conference will focus on diversity with sessions on antecedents (How can we create a positive diversity climate?), assessment (How can we know whether our diversity climate is positive?), and consequences (What are the effects of diversity climate on organizational performance?).

Conference Goals and Topics

The central goal of the conference is to further collaborative initiatives in diversity management and business education among executives, managers, practitioners, professors, and researchers. Priorities for the conference include:

  • Identifying diversity management best practices
  • Helping executives, managers, and practitioners identify ways to optimize the effects of workplace diversity programs
  • Assisting researchers in their quest to identify diversity management and education questions that merit research
  • Promoting dialogue among diversity professionals



For questions about the program or sponsorship opportunities, please contact David Kravitz, conference chair, at dkravitz@gmu.edu.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Mason

For more information about equity, diversity, and inclusion at George Mason University, please visit http://diversity.gmu.edu.