Fall 2013 Case Competition

First Place: ECC Group
Gabrielle Mariotti
Brett Rojas
David Dang
Matthew Jaffe
Matthew Spina

SOM498 Case Competition Fall 2013 First place

Second Place: MACAM Consulting, LLC
Michael Keber
Amit Bojoj
Alicia Perez
Christine Weithman
Mohammed Rashid

SOM498 Case Competition Fall 2013 Second place

Third Place: S.M.K.T. Consulting
Sarah Sullivan
Mohandar Bhandari
Kyle Denison
Thomas Bosworth
Chaimaa Fekkak

SOM498 Case Competition Fall 2013 Third place

Finalist: Team Veritas
Andrew Borgquist
Karman Butler
Nick Chocola
Jen Hoover

Spring 2013 Case Competition

First Place: LUCREM Consulting
Lindsay Jordan
Prince Jindal
Tommy Steenberg
Haley Betz


Second Place: Imperatoria Group
Daniel Broseke
Muhan Chen
James DiRubbio
Jordan Gozzi
Mary Nguyen


Third Place: DRT-G Square Consulting
Dina Castellon
Virginia Hurst
Gary LaPorta
Ryan Najjar
Thomas Shaw


Finalist: Strategy Solutions
Jennifer Spanos
Giuseppe Stalteri
Priscilla Tam
Chris Grove
Robera Teressa

Finalist: R&T Consulting
Dustin Redman
Christopher Roland
Bruce Tate
Taleena Taylor

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