Looking to Recieve Credit for Your Spring 2014 internship? Deadline to Apply is January 24th

Have you considered applying for SOM 492 or ACCT 492?

The deadline to apply is 5:00pm January 24, 2014 for more information visit: http://som.gmu.edu/undergraduate/career-services/internships/som-492-internship-course/

Requirements to Participate:

Note: All requirements must be met at the beginning of the semester your application is submitted to enroll.

1. Must have Bachelor of Science status in the School of Management or be enrolled in the Accounting Certificate Program.

2. Completed 75 hours of course credit.

3. Cumulative GPA of a 2.8 or higher.

4. Must earn a B or higher in all 301 level courses.

5. Secure an Internship Position prior to applying. The internship must allow you to complete a minium of 150 hours throughout the semester.

6. Student must complete all required application documents.

7. Employer must sign the Experiential Learning Agreement. 8. Student must upload a copy of their resume to HireMason.

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