Financial Modeling and Analysis Internship Opportunity with Green Ground Energy

Green Ground Energy – Intern, Financial Modeling and Analysis

Company description:
Virginia-based startup, developing renewable energy and organic waste recycling capacity.  Our anaerobic digestion projects convert food and other organic waste into compost while also capturing the stored energy that is released in the process — a methane-rich biogas that can be used for heating, electric, industrial, or transportation purposes.

Work directly with principals to (i) enlarge and refine the company’s pro forma financial model; (ii) model and analyze different project finance options, as well as various business opportunities and investment options; and (iii) otherwise further the company’s financial and development goals.


  • Financial modeling and analytic acuity (expertise preferred), including with respect to project finance structures.
  • Interest in the field — sustainability and renewable energy.
  • Comfortable working in an informal (and often virtual) workplace.

Unpaid at present, but very likely to offer a monthly stipend beginning in 2014. At least 2-4 hours per week, and as much as willing and able.

Upside:  At a minimum, we offer valuable startup experience, a worthwhile resume line item, and very likely a positive reference/recommendation. Beyond that, our plans call for adding a full time position in the middle of 2014, and the successful applicant would be well positioned for that opening.

Please send your current resume and a brief cover note to:

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