Looking for an internship or a job? The On-Campus Interviewing Program can help you get one!

The On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program gives you the opportunity to interview with employers right on campus.

The Fall 2013 On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) season runs from Monday, September 16th to Friday, November 15th. Begin applying to positions today!

How On-Campus Interviews Work:

  • Employers post a position in HireMason and select a date to conduct on-campus interviews.
  • Students log in to HireMason and click on “Campus Interviews I Qualify For.”
  • Eligible candidates, based on the employer’s requirements, submit their resume for consideration.
  • Once the resume submission deadline has passed, employers select which applicants they would like to invite for on-campus interviews.
  • Invited candidates use HireMason to sign up for an interview time slot.

To participate, you MUST complete the OCI online orientation.

Find out what positions you’re eligible for today!

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