Looking for Another Elective This Fall? Consider Cross-Cultural and Global Management

These days everyone needs a basic understanding of how to achieve success in the global business environment.  MGMT 461 (Cross-Cultural and Global Management) is taught by SOM Professor Catherine Cramton on Thursdays 1:30-4:10 pm. It explores common pitfalls in working and managing across the varied customs, practices, and business environments of the world. Topics include the nature of cultural differences, the challenges of cross-cultural communication, the development of internationally sophisticated employees, teams and managers, the effective execution of global strategies, and common ethical challenges.  The course draws on interesting cases from around the world, recent events in the news, and lots of video.  One or two additional sections of the course may be offered in Spring 2014.

Here is the latest report on Rate My Professor:  “Excellent and very interesting, interactive class. Professor brought a ton of real cases and her own experiences to the class. Group project early on in the class. Short essay mid-term and final exams were fair. Expect to read a lot and work hard (case reviews) and you will be rewarded with a good grade.”


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