How Good Business Decisions Sank the Titanic

Joseph Mortati, Adjunct Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management just had a book published, “Collision Course – How Good Business Decisions Sank the Titanic and Why.”  

What if you found out most of what you’ve been told about why this ship was lost is not true? What if using a different perspective, you were able to see that that far from being the classic case study of pride, greed, and shortsightedness that led to reckless risk-taking, that Titanic’s designers, owners, and operators made a set of very rational strategic choices? In fact it’s likely you are making the very same ones in your own business to stay competitive.

Providing both a revealing case history for businesspeople and students and new insights for historians and scholars, this book takes you on a fascinating journey into the real story – the business story – behind the most famous ship in history. In doing so, you will learn how to assess risk – even when it appears each individual decision is a good one. 

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