New Accounting Major Repeat Policy

Dear Students,

Starting in Fall 2013, students will have a maximum of three attempts to complete each Accounting major course.  Withdrawals do not count as attempts. A student who is unable to complete a major course within three attempts will be removed from the Accounting major, and required to select another major within the School of Management or elsewhere at George Mason University.

Attempts will be counted starting in Fall 2013 for the purposes of this policy, meaning that unsuccessful attempts of major courses prior to Fall 2013 will not be considered as part of the three maximum attempts.  Students who will be making their third (or higher) attempt at a course in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 should be able to register without any approvals or overrides.

Please contact the Office of Academic and Career Services at 703-993-1880 or if you have any questions.

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