Looking for an interesting elective which prepares you for your career?

Consider a career course this spring!

Several sections are still available on Patriot Web.

UNIV 200: Decide/Confirm Major is a two-credit course for second semester freshman or higher. The course focuses on the self-exploration and research of academic majors and career options to help students with the decision-making process.

Upon completion, 98% of students felt comfortable choosing a major or narrowing their options to 2-3 choices: “I declared my major at the end of this course. It helped me find myself in relation to a major and a future career choice”

UNIV 300: Internship/Career Readiness is a one-credit course which prepares students (sophomores or higher) to increase their marketability to employers through the pursuit of internships.

The course helps you find an internship and make the most of that experience: “This class has been extremely valuable to me – more so than I had originally intended. It has really prepared me not only for my internship search, but for my future career plans as well.”

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