Need 3 Elective Credits? Have a Spring Internship Lined Up?

Try SOM/ACCT 492!!!

This 3 credit course allows you to earn elective credit while completing your internship. You must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • Students must be Bachelor of Science status in the School of Management. Accounting Certificate Program students are also eligible to apply.
  • Students must have at least 75 hours of college credit by the beginning of the semester in which they will begin the internship.
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 to enroll.
  • Students must work a minimum of 150 hours during the semester in which they are enrolled in the class.
  • Students must secure an internship position – assistance is provided by the SOM Career Services Office. The internship must be major related and must provide a new learning experience for the student.

All applications MUST BE TYPED and returned to the Office of Academic and Career Services in Enterprise Hall, Room 008 by the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!

For the application email:

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