OM 462 Honors Seminar Offered for Spring 2013

OM 462 HONORS SEMINAR for Spring 2013

Course Number: OM 462
Schedule: Mondays 7:20-10:00 pm
Instructor: Cheryl Druehl, PhD (

Course Description: Firms managing and extending their operations globally must be aware of the benefits and costs of international distribution systems, governmental restrictions on the movement of goods, required export and import documentation, and the roles of various transportation intermediaries in international trade.

Students should gain an understanding of the following concepts and how companies are effectively managing them:

(1) The complexities involved in moving goods and materials across borders.
(2) Global sourcing and its importance in a global economy.
(3) The modes of transportation and the roles of the various transportation companies and intermediaries in the movement of freight.
(4) Strategic choices and operational decisions in the establishment of international supply and distribution networks.
(5) The differences in logistics systems around the world and the impact of these differences on managerial decisions.
(6) Special issues in international supply chains, such as security concerns and documentation.

Prerequisites: OM 301, MIS 301, admission to SOM, and an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

Sample topics: Throughout the semester, we will use cases, articles, games and the text to delve into:

  • Global Sourcing
  • Modes of Transportation:
    • Container Shipping/Maritime Trade
    • Air Transportation
    • Rail
    • Trucking (US and International)
    • Managing Inventory Globally
    • Logistics Intermediaries
    • Terms of Sale and Payment
    • Global Security Initiatives in Logistics
    • Current Events in Global Logistics

Enrollment Procedure: All students interested in enrolling for this course must express their interest to the instructor via email ( with the following information:

i. Student Name:
ii. Student G#:
iii. Major:
iv. Overall GPA:

The instructor will forward the list of selected students (maximum 20) to the Undergraduate Advising Office for override. Students with the override will then be able to enroll in the course via PatriotWeb

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