ISOM Undergraduate Honors Seminar

MIS 462: Data Mining for Business Intelligence will be offered in the spring on Mondays from 7:20-10:00pm. The prerequisites for this course are MIS 301, OM 210, admission to SOM, and an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

All students interested in enrolling for this course must submit an application to the instructor, Pallab Sanyal, via email ( with the following information:

  1. Student Name
  2. Student G#
  3. Major
  4. Overall GPA

The instructor will forward the list of selected students (maximum 20) to the Undergraduate Advising Office for an override. Students with the override will then be able to enroll in the course via PatriotWeb.

A description of MIS 462 is as follows:

Computerworld recently ranked “Analyzing Data” as the number one indispensable IT skill of the future, and noted that: “Demand will be high for IT workers with the ability to not only analyze dizzying amounts of data, but also work with business units to define what data is needed and where to get it.” The MIS 462 seminar will provide a comprehensive introduction to data mining problems and tools to enhance managerial decision making at all levels of the organization.  The course will include discussions of techniques for detecting customer behavior patterns useful in formulating marketing, sales and customer relationship management strategies. The three main goals of the course will be to enable students to:

  1. Approach business problems data-analytically by identifying opportunities to derive business value from data mining.
  2. Interact competently on the topic of data-driven business intelligence. Know the basics of data mining techniques and how they can be applied to interact effectively with CTOs, expert data miners, and business analysts. This competence will also allow the students to envision data-mining opportunities.
  3. Acquire some hands-on experience so as to follow up on ideas or opportunities that present themselves.
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