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March 6, 2012


I am new at conducting interviews for the MBA program here at George Mason, but I do have some helpful tips and thoughts. My first tip would be to dress professionally. No matter how nervous one is, or how bad someone interviews, the first thing an interviewer notices is how someone looks. This sounds superficial, but it also shows how serious a person is about being interviewed. My second piece of advice would be to relax. There’s no sense in stressing yourself out, and when a person is stressed, they tend to try to oversell themselves. Interviews go a lot smoother if a person is relaxed and acting as they would in any social situation. Being relaxed also helps the admissions committee choose the right people.

An additional thought that interviewees may find interesting is that the person conducting the interview may be nervous as well. For an interviewer, it is sometimes difficult meeting so many different individuals and trying to understand their work history, undergraduate degrees, and the many other traits that are present in their personality. Trying to relate to so many different people can be overwhelming, and interviewers don’t want to make any mistakes in the process. As a personal thought, try to keep calm, because people on both sides of the table may have nervous tendencies.

Nobody wants an interview to be a strenuous situation including the interviewer. Meeting new people is supposed to be beneficial and rewarding. Therefore, when you come to an interview, keep a smile on your face and just try to be relaxed. Remember, the interviewee is not the only one feeling a little stress.

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